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TUSETCN is located in the prestigious Tuset Street, the business center of Barcelona.

Our facilities are perfect to locate your business and carry out your activity.

In our center you will find:

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Office renting Barcelona

At TUSETCN we offer office renting in Barcelona. In order to adapt to our customers’ needs, at TUSETCN, we do not limit the duration of stay, which can be a day, a week, a month, or a year… The flexibility of our facilities allows us to support you in your growth and in the future requirements.

The offices are fully furnished, equipped with the latest technology that allow you to choose between one or more workstations.

Unlike in a traditional office, staying with us permanently will represent a cost reduction, both in staff and maintenance investment. In addition to this, you will have at your disposal a team whose primary mission is to ensure the service excellence, all of this in the best area of Barcelona.

This service includes:

  • Registered office, and/or Fiscal address. Business Address or Commercial delegation.
  • Use of our address in your stationery.
  • Mail reception and forwarding (shipping costs apart).
  • Access to the communication center (use of the phone, fax, email, Wireless Internet connection, photocopies…). Price according to consumption.
  • Secretariat coordinating and personalizing attention to visitors.
  • Uninterrupted telephone service Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 19:30 with your own telephone number and answering under the name of your company.
  • E-mail notification of calls and / or online messages.
  • Use of an office.
  • Redundant fiber optic Internet connection.
  • Internet bandwidth guaranteed by office, extension possibility.
  • Internal network of 1Gb/s and WiFi networks until 300 Mb/s (a/b/g/n) isolated at every office.
  • Use of 4 hours of the small meeting room (not cumulative, based on availability).
  • Video and audio conference system. Consult rates.
  • Break area and Cafeteria.

In TUSETCN we have offices

Tuset Business Center we offers offices to rent in Barcelona for personalized and fully equipped periods. In order to adapt to our customers, we do not limit the period of stay, which can be one day, one week, one month, one year … The flexibility of our facilities allows us to accompany you in your growth and the future needs.

Events and Meeting Rooms

Tuset Business Center offers closeness, elegance and discretion in all of our services. An attentive staff will ensure that your events or meetings are held successfully.

Domiciliation of Companies
Tuset Business Center Domiciliation of companies, corporate and / or fiscal address, business address or commercial delegation. We are ready to give solutions.
Fully Equipped Offices

We offer rental of offices in Barcelona for personalized periods. The flexibility of our facilities allows us to accompany you in your growth and the future needs.

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Tuset Business Center has at its disposal a human team whose main mission is to guarantee excellence in service all in the best area of Barcelona.

Offices custom full equipped in 24 hours.

A Business Center in the heart of Barcelona located in the prestigious Tuset street, it combines its privileged location in the center of the city with a five-star service.

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